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At American Alarms, the job of protecting American companies is 24/7, coast-to-coast, using the latest technology. From our centralized operations center in Cranston, Rhode Island we concentrate on serving businesses throughout the Northeast. Our office in Clearwater Florida, along with our strategic partners, greatly expands our capabilities to include virtually every corner of every state. We presently monitor more than 10,000 systems nationwide.

As an Underwriters Laboratories Central Station under services 681, American Alarms is approved for protective signaling, systems installations and response to commercial clients holding UL Central Stations certificates. Utilizing the most advanced technology available, our comprehensive, non-invasive monitoring services help ensure the trouble-free operation of your systems. In addition, our proprietary M3R service enables our experienced security professionals to monitor, measure, manage, and respond to all aspects of your business systems.

We've Got You Covered.
American Alarms provides comprehensive security solutions for today's business and residential customers.

Though some level of risk is always inherent in business, American Alarms can help you manage it more effectively. In addition to making your security our top priority, we work to help businesses improve efficiencies and productivity, which can lead to greater profitability. Our systems can also provide valuable information that help companies identify opportunities to improve operations.

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